Syllabus licensing

All parts of our instrumental, singing and Music Theory exam syllabuses are protected by copyright and you need our permission to reproduce them. This includes displaying our repertoire lists or using any of our syllabus components in a product or service.

You may also need other additional direct or collective licences from rightsowners, who may or may not be ABRSM.

To send us a request select an option below or scroll down the page for examples of situations when you need to contact us about syllabus licensing.

Print reproduction

Audio recording


Syllabus licensing examples

You must have permission to reproduce:

  • The musical tests themselves
  • The way the tests are grouped together for each grade
  • The wording examiners use to ask the questions.

You must have permission to reproduce the scales and arpeggios as they are grouped in our exam syllabuses.

For example, a practice app to help students learn our Grade 5 Piano exam scales and arpeggios, requires a licence. 

However, a practice app which uses an alphabetical listing of scales and arpeggios does not need a licence.

Repertoire lists are the groupings of pieces and songs in our syllabuses that candidates choose from for an exam.

You must have our permission if you want to reproduce the repertoire lists in any way. This includes displaying our lists, as well as using them as the basis of a new product or service.

For example, you need our permission to provide video tutorials on playing pieces from repertoire lists A, B or C of our Piano Syllabus 2023 & 2024. This applies even if the works chosen are public domain or do not belong to us.

You must have our permission to reproduce published examples of our sight-reading tests.

You must have our permission to reproduce:

  • Our Music Theory exam requirements grouped as they appear in our syllabuses
  • Any question wording that appears in our sample exam papers

You do not need permission if you base your product on the principles of music theory, but not as they are grouped and graded in our syllabuses.

We do not provide permission for third-parties to reproduce our sample Music Theory exam papers in any format.

You need our permission for the following:

  • A website or app providing audio-downloads or streams of accompaniment parts for pieces in our syllabus repertoire lists.
  • An app providing a practice tool for our syllabus requirements, such as scales and arpeggios and aural tests.
  • A website, app or printed publication listing and using the graded component parts of our Music Theory syllabus to help learners prepare for an ABRSM exam.

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