This page covers:

  • Uploading filmed performances (including tutorials) to YouTube or Facebook, a website or a teaching platform e.g. Moodle
  • Uploading pre-recorded filmed performances in a live webinar
  • Producing an app with audio-visual content

Audio-visual content using ABRSM copyright repertoire may need our permission. Examples include:

  • Filmed performances and tutorials
  • A move bar over an image of sheet music synchronised with an audio recording
  • Using our master recordings in a film

You can send us a request using the relevant forms below.

If copyright music is being made available from your own servers you will also need an online licence from:

Providing a link in your product to publicly available audio-visual content on another reputable platform may provide a simple alternative to licensing. However, you may still need permission if you want to embed or upload third-party content: always check the terms and conditions of the platform and/or the content provider.

What would you like to do?

More information about licensing for audio visual products and about exceptions to copyright law is available in our FAQs.

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