Music licensing

Interested in using ABRSM music, syllabuses or our logo?

Our publications, sheet music, audio recordings, syllabuses and logo are all protected by copyright law and you may need permission to use our copyright assets, which include our:

  • Newly-commissioned musical works
  • Arrangements and editions – including those featuring music by public domain composers.
  • Music settings – for anything printed within the last 25 years
  • Master recordings
  • Music theory publications
  • Logos
  • All parts of our syllabuses – displaying our repertoire lists as well as using any part of our syllabuses in a product or service. Find out more about syllabus licensing.

The © copyright credit at the bottom of the first page of our sheet music will help you identify who owns the music.  We can only provide permissions for the music we own.

Select a link below to send us your request.

Our FAQ page also includes additional information

If you have any questions, please email us and we will be happy to help: [email protected] 

Print reproduction

Print, digital, photocopying

Audio recording

Performing rights

Public venues, online lessons, webinars


Websites, teaching platforms, webinars, apps

Syllabus licensing

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