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Music Theory results – update 6 April

The Octopus

This is a fantastic piece for young pianists featured in our book Piano Star Five Finger Tunes. Download a free copy of the piece today or you can buy the book from our online shop.

This new book in ABRSM’s Piano Star series brings together 25 compositions and arrangements for young learners, ideal for those who have completed their first tutor book. The collection of fun, creative pieces progressively introduces different hand positions beyond a focus on Middle C, helping learners move
towards playing any note with any finger and develop confidence in playing hands together. Brought to life with colour illustrations and enhanced with activities and keyboard graphics, Piano Star Five-Finger Tunes provides a rich variety of new repertoire at this level and will fire the imagination of young learners.

  • New title in ABRSM’s successful Piano Star series
  • Collection of new arrangements and compositions, ideal for learners who have completed a first tutor book
  • Pieces are brought to life with lively illustrations, activities and keyboard graphics

Learn more and buy your own copy of Piano Star Five Finger Tunes on the ABRSM webshop:


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