Latest exam updates

Performance Grade booking

The next booking period for remotely-assessed Performance Grade and ARSM exams opens in February. For details, see our dates and fees page.

Music Theory exams – March 2021

  • Online Music Theory exams (Grades 1 to 5) – we are cancelling the online exams planned for 16 March. Exams in May and June will go ahead as planned.
  • Paper Music Theory exams (Grades 6 to 8) – we will not be offering these exams in March. The next exams at Grades 6 to 8 will be in June 2021.
  • Grade 5 Music Theory requirement - from 1 January to 30 April 2021 only, candidates can take Grade 6 to 8 Performance or Practical exams without first passing Grade 5 Music Theory. From 1 May 2021, the Grade 5 Music Theory requirement will return with flexibility about timing. If you receive an email asking for your proof of prerequisite, please ignore this. We will still release any results in line with the arrangements outlined here.

For more information click here.

Face-to-face practical exams, session 1 - USA

Due to current COVID restrictions, we will not be opening our normal booking period in January for face-to-face practical exams in April-June. We hope to provide a practical session later in the year, but need to keep all dates under review as we can only accept bookings if COVID travel and government restrictions are lifted. We will provide an update nearer to the next booking period.

Take part in a Window Serenade today

Window Serenades share the joy of live music with isolated people, bringing solo musicians or small groups to play outside care home windows for those who request a song.

Created as a socially-distanced programme for Make Music Day on 21 June 2020 and cross-promoted by the international Make Music Alliance as a way to provide safe musical performances during a global pandemic, Window Serenades can be just as relevant in the winter, reaching those who are isolated during the long dark days of the year.

Back in June, Musicians Coronavirus Action Ilkley organised a synchronised event for volunteer musicians to perform outdoors at local care homes and other housing facilities for elderly people. During 8 individual performances, 13 musicians serenaded 120 residents with guitar, flutes, oboe, banjo, string quartet, harp, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, trombone and song.

Speaking about organising the event, Les Goldman (Musicians Coronavirus Action Ilkley and Chair of Two Rivers Bands) commented,

I’ve got quite a lot of amateur musician contacts and we put out a call for volunteer musicians… and we set-up a little rota of volunteers who were prepared to go to care homes… We initially had three to four care homes involved and now we have eight to nine involved.

We’re almost all amateur musicians and most of the people involved are very active in amateur music. They’ve found that their opportunities to perform have been virtually nil. The wonderful thing is that this has given us the opportunity to perform and also to fulfil a very definite social need. It’s an opportunity to perform and also to be appreciated – and do something good. People refer to it as bringing smiles to people’s faces and I think that, that is true.

Window Serenades are a remarkably simple concept that can have a huge impact on local communities – why not give it a go!

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