The following ABRSM representatives and contacts retired or resigned in 2015, and we thank them for their dedicated service.


Joy Austen
Nick Blunn
Brian Bussell
Ben Gant
Michael Garbutt
Alison Gillies
Rosemary Gould
Kathryn Harries
Julian Larkin
Linda Merrick
Paul Miles-Kingston
Mary Porter
John York Skinner
Alan Taylor
Margaret Turner
Ian Wallace
Shuna Watkinson
Robin Wells
Clement Virgo

International Representatives

Aurelio Gonzalez, Gibraltar
Belinda Hwang/Wee, Los Angeles, USA
Maria Martinez, Northern Spain
Thomas Stein, Germany


Irene Bennett, Ballymoney
Richard H Bennett, Cockermouth
Richard Braebrook, St Austell
Christina Cameron, Inverness
Allan Charlwood, Haverhill
Elizabeth A S Dickson, Petersfield
John Fairbank, Shrewsbury
Christopher Fletcher-Campbell, Abingdon
Carmela Furniss, Norwich
Pamela Hearn, Great Missenden
Rosemarie A Humpage, Winchester
Elizabeth Jacklin, Gainsborough
Jane Johns, Kidderminster
Geoffrey Lunn, Horsham
Linda Martin, Birmingham
Robin Matthews, Clevedon
Owen Moorin, Boston
Mary Ann Obejera, Blackheath
Robin J Parker, Grimsby
Gillian Poznansky, Penzance
Benjamin Rous, Blackheath
Kathy Sharp, Fleet
Andrew Steele, London
Cassandra Wan, Woodford

We also sadly note the deaths of the following representatives:

Kaj Nyvang, Denmark
Aloys Ng’asi, Tanzania
Tony Willoughby, Colchester


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