As a music education charity, we invest more than £5m in music education through donations, scholarships and sponsorship.

Mayor’s Music Fund

Our support of the Mayor’s Music Fund continued through scholarships for children who demonstrate significant musical ability, enthusiasm and commitment to learning an instrument and are given the opportunity to develop their potential.

Supporting music education

Music for Youth

We sponsored Music for Youth’s Regional Festival Series, which allows 40,000 young musicians to take part in the world’s largest youth music festival in 50 locations nationwide. This is a chance for them to perform music in front of an appreciative audience and gain valuable feedback from professional music mentors.

Supporting music education

Music Mark

In 2015 we strengthened our partnership with Music Mark through the sponsorship of its Schools Membership Scheme. The scheme aims to support and connect music educators in the development of high quality teaching and learning in music.

Sing Up

To help ensure that children leave primary school with a knowledge and understanding of the building blocks of music, Sing Up expanded its Music scheme with our support. The Sing Up Music scheme was created to support the teaching of the primary music curriculum and develops core musicianship skills through singing.

National Jazz Youth Orchestra

In 2015 we sponsored the National Jazz Youth Orchestra’s UK-wide outreach programme. The charity’s mission is to perform exceptional music to excite audiences and engage with young people of all backgrounds around the country.

National Youth Choir of Great Britain

We announced our sponsorship of The National Youth Choirs of Great Britain (NYCGB), specifically focusing on its Fellowship Programme that helps create highly-skilled and multi-talented choral musicians.

The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain

We continued to support the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. Their Inspire Days aim to give breakthrough experiences of orchestral music to teenagers of all backgrounds, both as musicians and as audience members.

The Royal Philharmonic Society

We sponsored the Learning and Participation Award at the RPS Music Awards. The award is presented to a project which inspired wider participation in music-making and which created high quality musical experience and understanding.

International Sponsorship Fund

We also awarded six grants from our International Sponsorship Fund to recipients in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Euroasia Association of Performing Arts - Malaysia

An annual programme of fund-raising concerts, educational music festivals and competitions. The sponsorship helped the selected children with music lessons and training.

Hebron School - India

The String Project aimed to every Junior School child at Hebron School the opportunity to learn a string instrument with the hope that by the end of Junior School, they would have a full string orchestra.

Indian National Youth Orchestra - India

An all India-Asia orchestral workshop for students which provided training from the orchestra’s visiting faculty.

Odeion School - South Africa

This programme gave aspiring brass and woodwind players in the impoverished communities of Bloemfontein, South Africa, the opportunity to pick up a new or repaired instrument.

Young Musicians of the Gulf - Bahrain

Sponsorship of an annual competition for solo, ensemble and composition categories. The competition also included masterclasses and informal concerts and culminated in a grand final where the best musicians compete for the “Young Musician of the Gulf” title.

Zafer Yumlu project - Turkey

A one-week project introducing classical music to students via workshops and a chamber music concert which was held in İzmir-Karabağlar Eserkent Middle School. The project benefited 1,200 students aged between 12 and 15 including students with autism and physical disabilities.

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“We created the Fellowship Programme to help aspiring young choral musicians to develop performance, teaching and leadership skills. Both performance and teaching experience are integral to the Fellowship, which means that it’s not just the eight Fellows selected each year who benefit, but the hundreds of children and young people that they work with, too.”

“ABRSM’s committed backing over several years has played a central part in taking NYO Inspire from an idea to an award-winning national programme. NYO Inspire helps bring exceptional ensemble opportunities to promising teenage musicians and live orchestral performance to teenage audiences across the country.”

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