Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music

Our diplomas are designed to encourage a diversity of approaches to performing, directing and teaching music, and to stimulate achievement through acquiring skills, knowledge and understanding.

These highly respected and letter-bearing qualifications carry worldwide recognition. ABRSM diplomas are available at three levels – Diploma, Licentiate and Fellowship – and in three subjects: Music Performance, Music Direction and Instrumental / Vocal Teaching.


Chi Zhang


Wang Wei
Hong Kong
Chen Yun Sim
Fong Ling Yuen Fiona
Kam Man Yin
Kam Man Yin
Kam Man Yin
Tam Shing Yat
Xiao Lan Xu
Qilin Zhang


Marcella Yuwono Halim


Livia Zambrini


Mitsuko Moriyama


Lim Pei Bernadette
Carolyn Lo May Yeeng
Ryan Matthew Lewis

New Zealand

Owen Clarke


Chua Zhe Xuan
Ng Ze Wei

South Africa

Matthew John Golesworthy

United Kingdom

John C Bailey
Claudio Eric Bollani
Aaron Jiajun Chen
Yik Hay Chong
Ken-Ee Choong
James Christian Ellis
Lucinda Houghton
Iain Laks
Claire Lawrence
Jayne Luy (Nee Klassen)
Oliver James Nelson
Robert Richardson
James Swarbrick
Thanat Vijitthanasarn
Morton Teng Wan
Ignatius Wang
Jinny Wang

United States of America

Ming Hay Kwong


Maria Fernanda Castillo
Eduardo Manzanilla
Vladimir Suarez
Carlos Antonio Verenzuela

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