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The story of an ABRSM scholar - Tasuku Noguchi

2 years ago


ABRSM scholar Tasuku is six months into his undergraduate course at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM). Here he reflects on how he got to this point and what he’s most looking forward to.

Tasuku Noguchi was all set to study at the University of Oxford, having given up on his dream of studying at a conservatoire, when he said he had a “life-changing moment”. He received the news he’d been dreaming about - he’d been awarded an ABRSM international scholarship to study the saxophone at the RNCM.

The 18-year-old, originally from Japan, spent the majority of his life growing up in Malaysia, where he studied at the Garden International School in Kuala Lumpur that teaches the British curriculum. He started having saxophone lessons when the school hired a new music teacher who happened to be a saxophonist.

Tasuku said: “My music teacher really helped to transform me from a complete beginner to an undergraduate saxophonist, and I’m very grateful for his guidance and patience.”


He also found the ABRSM exams a useful reference point to help him focus.

Tasuku said: “I find it difficult to practise without a clear goal in mind, so the ABRSM exams gave me just the right amount of challenge - without stretching myself too far - in order to keep practising.

“They were a really useful checkpoint and gave me really useful short-term goals.”

Life in Manchester

Tasuku is really settling into life in Manchester and the RNCM.

“I now have the chance to do so many things that I’ve not had the possibility to do before – including masterclasses from visiting artists, attending concerts at discounted student prices and access to so many music related resources. The college library has so much sheet music and scores, which I look through and play around for fun in my free time.

“I also really enjoy that I feel comfortable talking to my seniors and getting their advice and feedback.”


Looking to the future

Tasuku is looking forward to making the most of the opportunities while he’s at the RNCM.

He said: “This year, I’m really looking forward to the Eursax Conference in Porto. I hope through taking part in the Conference, I will be able to learn valuable knowledge from musicians who’ll attend from all parts of Europe.

“I want to make the most of the rest of my time at the RNCM. I want to try out as many things as possible in order to explore what I can do with my music and involve myself in as many things as I can to help discover my capabilities.

“It would be such a shame not to make the full use of all the opportunities that I have here!”

ABRSM scholars

Every year ABRSM provides more than 70 scholarships for talented British and international musicians to study at the four Royal Schools of Music.

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