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Supporting talented young musicians

3 years ago


ABRSM contributes to the Mayor's Music Fund, which offers scholarships to talented young London musicians who don’t have the financial means to pursue their musical development.

Elicia from East London

Eight-year-old Elicia from East London has already had to deal with some big challenges in her young life.

When Elicia was younger, her mother was in hospital for significant periods of time and now uses a mobility scooter to get around. Her dad has decided to give up his job as a fibre engineer so that he can be her full-time carer.


Despite these setbacks, Elicia has not let life get her down and has instead used music as a productive outlet.

She has always enjoyed music and singing, but her interest was really sparked when she walked past a violin in a charity shop window, and was delighted when her parents saved up the money to buy it for her.

Her parents took her to music lessons in Camden, and encouraged her to practise and play along to her favourite songs on the radio. They find her violin pop covers and classical music on YouTube, and Elicia loves to spend time watching and learning from them.

Elicia’s dad, Edward says: “Music has had a huge positive impact on Elicia.

“She’s such a happy child, even with all the problems we’ve faced due to my wife’s illness.

“Music gives her an outlet and a passion, and she is really looking forward to taking her exams and progressing.”


Elicia’s music teacher has had an inspiring impact on her. So much so that Elicia says that she would like to be a violin teacher when she grows up.

But for now she is inspiring other children to start learning musical instruments. She has encouraged two children at her school to start taking lessons and they are making good progress, as well as her neighbour’s son who’s now interested in learning the piano.

Elicia says: “I love playing the violin because it helps me keep calm.

“After a stressful day, I love to listen to music.

“I think being a Scholar will open up more opportunities in my life and help me get further with the violin.

“I feel tremendously lucky to have a Scholarship!”

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