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Inspiring participation in music

3 years ago


As part of our ongoing work to support and encourage music learning around the world we offer an international sponsorship fund, which is open for applications to any individual, group or music organisation outside the UK and Ireland engaging in activities that inspire more people to participate in music, music teaching and learning.

The fund recently supported two cultural festivals in İzmir, on Turkey’s western coast, which introduced 1,400 local students to classical and chamber music.

İzmir cultural festival students

Providing musical opportunities to local students

Students living in the Bayraklı and Karabaglar districts of İzmir have very limited opportunities to attend social and cultural activities. Their families are from migrant backgrounds and belong to low socio-economic groups.

At the two recent events, the students took part in musical activities and listened to recitals, learning about both western and Turkish composers including Holst, Beethoven, Cemal Reşit Rey and Ahmet Adnan Saygun. They were also introduced to classical music instruments, including the cello and violin.

İzmir cultural festival students

Mustafa and Elif

Mustafa and Elif, both of whom are 12 years old, took part in the events. It was the first time in their lives that they had been given the opportunity to experience live concerts. As a result of participating in the festivals, they both would like to pursue the possibility of becoming professional musicians in the future.

They both explained what taking part in the festival and listening to the music had on them.

“I felt very peaceful, and like I was travelling on a boat through a river while I was listening to this music. It was an extraordinary experience for me,” said Mustafa.

“I felt very happy while I was listening to the classical and polyphonic music. I felt like I was in an amusement park. It was a wonderful time for me,” said Elif.

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