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Speedshifter featured on the App Store

3 years ago


Speedshifter has recently been selected by Apple as a featured app for ‘Classical Fans’ in seven countries: the UK, Ireland, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

An invaluable tool for all musicians, Speedshifter allows users to change the speed of audio without altering the pitch. Its flexible nature lends itself to a variety of situations including practising repertoire, studying phrases in lessons, or transcribing music from recordings.


Speedshifter features

Students practising for ABRSM exams can benefit from playing along to accompaniment tracks at a reduced tempo and using Speedshifter allows them to loop sections of recordings for concentrated practice. Because it varies the speed of the audio recording, any fluctuation of tempo is kept, which ensures that Speedshifter provides, in many cases, a more musical solution to slow practice than a metronome.

Musicians across the world find Speedshifter useful, particularly the transposition tool which transposes audio instantly. It’s never been so easy for singers, wind and brass players to play along to accompaniment tracks in a variety of different keys at a tempo to suit their practice.

Refreshed design

Featuring a recently refreshed design to celebrate its fourth birthday, Speedshifter is easier than ever to use and makes the perfect addition to any musician’s app collection!

Where can I download Speedshifter?

Speedshifter is available as a free desktop application for Windows and Mac computers or as an app for iOS and Android phone and tablet devices. Users of compatible mobile devices can download Speedshifter as a free, Lite installation for trial purposes (with a one minute playback restriction), or pay for the full version with comparable functionality to the desktop version.

Speedshifter is available in English, Chinese (for iOS and Android devices) and Spanish (for Android devices).

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